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Occasionally, a dream slips away from the surreal landscapes of the timeless night and into the waking world. For Negativehate this occasion of dreams frozen in the amber of time has arrived with the release of their new music collection ‘Solipsis’.

Negativehate’s fifth LP ‘Solipsis’ highlights wider musical dynamics than any of Negativehate’s previous efforts. Multifarious colors and variant shades have noticeably been added to Negativehate’s sonic pallet. Elements of post rock, ambient,classic prog rock, alternative, jazz and metal are woven together in unique and engaging sonic landscapes. However the styles mercurially blend into one another in seamless passages that beckon the listener to new mystical destinations with each sonic turn. Instrumental passages are punctuated by waves of vocals that span the emotional spectrum; from the sublime and hopeful ending of ‘Beyond Aurora’ to the densely dark and passionate middle section of ‘Expansion of the Universe’.

Included with the ‘Solipsis’ is a short science fiction story by the same title from which many of the songs were conceptually derived.

The addition of the talented second guitarist Freedom Scheyd has re-enforced Negativehate’s sonic conviction and added a new layer to Negativehate’s thoroughly rich and textured sound. There is new blood here and the bands sound is noticeably invigorated.

‘Solipsis’ was recorded live in two days at the Clubhouse in Rhineback NY. They had the pleasure of recording with engineer Paul Antonell (Natalie Merchant, Al Di Meola, The Lumineers) and the good fortune of having of having multi grammy award winning producer / engineer Neil Dorfsman (Bruce Springsteen, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Sting, Def Leppard) assisting in the engineering session.

Negativehate’s musical history is diversified; ranging from the aggressive industrial of “Earth Spirit Down”and “F@#* You and Your Pink Mood”, the speed technical math-core of “Annabelle the Cannibal” , or the progressive post rock doom of “In Cosmic Winter”. To this date all of Negativehate’s past releases have received an outpouring of critical acclaim. Here are a few examples:

*Mindy McCall from This is Vibes said about In Cosmic Winter “ They are clearly an undiscovered Progressive Juggernaut around New York area. All 4 members are clearly capable songwriters, artists and musicians. I must admit Negativehate sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the CD was over. This usually indicates there is something special about the artist or band in question”

*Heather Savage from Topicalise said, “Negativehate represent a fresh new voice in modern-day Progressive Rock and present a strong message that’s mysterious, spontaneous and has no boundaries”....“I’ve never heard a new band sound so fresh before.”

*Drew Blackwell from Rock n Roll View said, “ Negativehate have the power and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous’...”All 8 tracks will genuinely rock your world and blow your mind”

*Michael Rand of All Whats Rock said, “No doubt Negativehate has carved a marketable niche for themselves within a cult fan-base thus far setting them up for marketable success over the years to come. I would not be surprised to hear them playing The Warp Tour many years to come”

Clearly Negativehate’s musical history is rich with musical experimentation and expression. ‘Solipsis’ draws on their rubust musical past to present an album that is thoroughly rewarding to the listener who seeks the mysteries of the gossamer haze just beyond the shadows of the peripheral path.


released June 3, 2017


all rights reserved



NegativeHate New York

If this is how we judge music by words and not sound, then let it be said that this band is a wild flower bending against the desolate winds that help spread the seeds of others. If there are rules for how music should be created Negativehate has willfully suspended those rules to facilitate the pathways of sheer passion and a sense of boundless musical freedom. ... more

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Track Name: (Dream Protection) Sea of Perdition
The blood of ancients, flows though our nations
The future perfect seed - is within us now
We are the cosmic breed- perdition steers the prow
Sleeps freedom gives what takes from beyond the veil
The vessel for the dreams where secrets lost sail
We are the architects of time we are the sea we are deceived
We hear the whispers we see the signs unleash the horror it is our time
Track Name: The Expansion of the Universe (via magnification of the infinitesimal)
ephemeral chasing hours are spent between the trees and towers
in days of dark dreams drift the morning spark
before this was all the earth it was alive
now everything must fall and everyone will die
The earth could breath a name from the halls of light and soul
manifest awareness leads- emotional control

Outward in space - inward through time
Track Name: Don't Wake What You Create
We built the world from dust ghosts we are now reshape the embers in our eyes
in our mothers eyes what am I as this form will die tonight we return to the light
What sparks the right what path the light foot follows love
and terror holds the flesh at bay the cold and empty plains
where sleepless dreams and endless nights that would not forgive
what it is to live and holds the hand that pulls away - We’ve gone astray 
Do not wake what you create let sleeping gears spin 
What they gave was not theirs. Stand down and let the earth win.
Track Name: Beyond Aurora
In heavenly edifice and gossamer sky Hast mine soul collide
for it is only thee Take this prison flesh so that I may burn in your resonance
Sea of light consume this scorch barreled earth 
Dream haunted skies swell down tonight we burn in the eyes of gods
Remain my love and I remain yours tonight we will shine 
Tonight I press the fold of time unbound beneath this, your eternal flame
Your voice in tendril arms flows through my heart with the cadence of a winters blush
The truth is obsolete when under your spell for now I know that we are one
Track Name: Hyperborean Fields
Paint me in hyperborean fields underneath dark fathoms found
With aggregate waiting shields inure to the judgment hounds
Forbearance follows form as pressure cracks through walls of brittle lies
Your maudlin act for good measure was thin and and weak as was once wise
We breath the breath of killers and piss the blood of saints
From earth we seem as pillars from space we are just grains
At the edge we are guided by the hands of the dead in this twilight we reach horizons
We will rise from grey to the ethereal
Selfless key the secret of time
Unlock the soul the soul reflect align
Track Name: Disintegration Waves
System of blood and vibration mutation steers the path of life
Flow from spirits into galaxies from primal beings into to light
Spirals build waves disintegrate
Forces collide and fold Mirror mind sets souls adrift on cosmic seas of old
Become the cycles second spinning arm
The dial measures moments sand
Wisdom bends protein spirals to divine
10,000 years to shape the strand
Look how far we have come look at we have lost can you hear it death is at our doors.
Look how far  we have come look at what we have lost.The waves are crashing on our shores

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