In Cosmic Winter

by Negativehate

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    Negativehate's ventures into progressive ambient doom for their highly acclaimed fourth LP.

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'In Cosmic Winter' is Negativehate's fifth release. It marks a significant evolution in the maturity of this bands sonic character, whether via it's sweeping dynamic arcs or it's intelligently woven prose of space, time and sound.

"This latest effort entitled “In Cosmic Winter” is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one band that brings to the table effective songwriting via a highly diversified musical delivery." "Negativehate has proven themselves with this latest release. With 4 albums underneath their belt were beyond that now. They are clearly an undiscovered Progressive Juggernaut around New York area. All 4 members are clearly capable songwriters, artists and musicians. I must admit Negativehate sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the CD was over. This usually indicates there is something special about the artist or band in question. Thus deserving praise, recognition and musical fame at the international level."
- Written by Mindy McCall, This is Vibes (Aug 07, 2012)

" From start to finish this CD from Negativehate delivers 8 amazing tracks and is a very suspenseful musical experience. It pushes hard and has aggressive Alternative Rock quality to it, and even dabbles in Hard Rock and Metal." The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next independent band. Within each one of these pieces Negativehate capture something special as they bare their soul and delivers what I would call pure musical mojo. It offers much in the way of passion and compelling-thought provoking lyrical content. The playing from all members is spot on and just makes the whole CD even more enjoyable. The vocal abilities and passion from Scandura/Stewart are to die for. As time goes by he will no doubt hear more from them. I wouldn't be surprised to their music on the Radio someday or even in a popular Video Game, Reality TV Show or headlining the Warp Tour.
- Michael Morrison, Music Emissions (Aug 06, 2012)

"Right now after hearing their music and checking out a few of their live clips – they are what we’ve been waiting for musically. I don’t say stuff like that often. All in all a well rounded CD that has much to offer to many different listeners. Apparently there are still a few bands out there believe in melting your face, making your ears bleed and blow you out of your chair all at the same time" "Negativehate stands out from other Indie-Alt artists in a good way within this very saturated market. Their answer to mundane music is to deliver something unique and powerful with a breath of fresh air, a highly technical playing styles and a signature sound that refuses to be defined via 1 listen. The strong suit of Negativehate is there amazing amount of unpredictability and top tiered originality. "
- Roroy Richardson, Skope

"The style of the music is highly original and refuses to be pinned down the first listen. The vocals are impressive, compelling and push the envelope and imagination. The guitar playing is very melodic and dynamic and the musical flow and ebb is highly creative. The overall vocal style works extremely well with this confines of this progressive catalog. Rhythm section - lays down the low end groove thick as a brick. What I like most about the music is its sheer unpredictability note for note and song for song." "This latest release from Negativehate is a solid musical statement from start to finish. Its strength – the strong song for song consistency, progressive dynamics and that keeps coming at you. The music is progressive, unpredictable, heavy and original. Like a heavy weight fighter this CD packs a powerful punch, and goes the full 12 rounds with no sign of letting up."
- Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest

"“In Cosmic Winter” is the fourth release from by New York 5 piece rock band “Negativehate” It was released in 2012 and has received critical acclaim my many music critics thus far. The band is making a name for itself around the East coast for it’s explosive live performances and amazing signature sound." "Negativehate have the power and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous. There’s also a unique quality to this catalog that breaks the mold when compared to the overly predictable, forgetful rock that’s been filling the airwaves lately. What am I trying to say – well let me start by saying there is nothing predictable and forgetful about Negativehate." "Equally as impressive is how marketable this band is as they have effectively found the voice for all frustrated Prog-Rock fans out there. " "All 8 tracks will genuinely rock your world, shake the tree and blow your mind unlike most music you hear on the radio these days"
- Drew Blackwell, Rock n' Roll View (Aug 2012)

"To be honest I can’t say enough about this bands overall signature sound. Negativehate represent a fresh new voice in modern-day Progressive Rock and present a strong message that’s mysterious, spontaneous and has no boundaries. Each piece is real, not so overly- corporate sounding and very deep and compelling in nature. Negativehate has a sound that favors Progressive Rock bands popular in the 90’s but touches on modern day Alternative Rock and even Ambient Metal with it’s modern-day feel. I’ve never heard a new band sound so fresh before. In other words this is Alternative Rock, Meets Melodic-Progressive-Hard Rock. Don’t think that’s possible – take a second and listen to a few of the track linked below. The latest self titled CD from Negativehate will blow your mind. In close This latest release “In Cosmic Winter” by Negativehate delivers the goods – in so many different and unique ways."
- Written by Heather Savage, Topicalise

Indeed there’s reason why this band is becoming more and more popular each and every year. The music is not so commercially viable but has a fresh sound and a truly progressive vibe that holds the attentions span of the listener perfectly. In a nutshell this is The Deftones meet Fates Warning. The 8 song line-up appeals to many listeners with a wide variety of musical styles – but it one hell of a ride with a powerful voice for Rock n Rollers out there who have had enough of the musical status quo.
I would imagine in time we will hear more from this amazing band in the near future. No doubt Negativehate has carved a marketable niche for themselves within a cult fan-base thus far setting them up for marketable success over the years to come. I would not be surprised to hear them playing The Warp Tour many years to come. But for now I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a musical snapshot that is highly original, unique and dare I say dangerous.
- Michael Rand, All Whats Rock


released May 22, 2012

Mike Stewart - Drums/ Electronics/ Vocals (screams)
Pat Dorme - Drums
Eric Stewart - Bass
Chuck Scandura - Guitar/Vocals



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NegativeHate New York

If this is how we judge music by words and not sound, then let it be said that this band is a wild flower bending against the desolate winds that help spread the seeds of others. If there are rules for how music should be created Negativehate has willfully suspended those rules to facilitate the pathways of sheer passion and a sense of boundless musical freedom. ... more

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Track Name: Spiritwalker

Eviscerate pain that sets the stage
Protrusion light through cracks in time
Forgather signs that press the gate
At moments bending will for the lost

The cosmic time scale spells our fate
Now is the same here as it ever will be
Maps are liquid ephemeral changing state
As long as time exists it’s is on our side

(As death gathers heroes for heavens armies)

If the devil had his way it would rain
For 300 days to celebrate your death

He can take your life
But he can’t chase your spirit
Track Name: God is a Woman
God is a Woman

When she swallowed time everything became
And now exists in the battles of perfect asymmetry
She cradles galaxies in her dark matter arms
Her suffering brought us being, light and matter
What else could we need
We feed, we seed, we breed

From desires hands a deal commands
His eternal wanting presses the edges of space
Dark energy has never enough
Until she swallows time again

As our race seeks legitimacy
against the vastness of her womb
What quick lies the feeble heart holds at the dawn
Wrapped in false light

Shes crying our souls what failed designs corroded and deformed she dies
We can not live with out loving arms we can not live without honor
Track Name: 72 Hours After Exposure
72 hour after Exposure

I've fallen into this dying dream I've risen back to this reality

My own ghost haunts me it is cold
With this I now wait
Every day that goes by
one is born that will live when I die

Our flesh colored souls dance
With lips legs and floating eyes
And automatic hearts

The music swells in bloodless dreams
True freedom is unfathomable
When every cell is a slave
Another winters loss
When blood will melt the ice
Looming desperate hours
How many more will I endure?

I look too the gallows
No world beyond this will never end it courses through my veins
Track Name: The Last Red Dwarf
The Last Red Dwarf

This wave is pending upon decision
Replete collapse ill will forgiving

In keeping with present wind steers the fall
Arrest redolent light will not last forever
On that day from this shards of hope will sever
The last red dwarf gathers all life

The edge of time So far away
The end of time How long we wait

In cosmic winter The spiral will freeze
The code of life Lost forever
To build a gateway To another dimension
Our final hope On a dying star
To the gods Of space and time
We offer our Last sacrifice
Track Name: The Edge of Never
Edge of Never

In two hundred years
We will all be dirt
But this song will echo
Like light from the dying sun
How small we are
How small we are
How small we are

When the lights burn out
And the horror comes raining down
Will you be there father I'll be waiting
Track Name: The Cell Phone Dependency Factor
The Cell Phone Dependency Factor

What we could have become
With ancient lonely ones
Minds transmit fates decay
Signals from far away

Electromagnetically attracted,
Bound by centripetal forces,
Were worse without our bones
Without our phones and artificial lives
Submission brainwash submission

There is nothing left but the secrets
that we shared, Truth to bear
Hopes and desires fed to the fires,
Replaced by wires
There is blood left between us
And all of them, secrets under the skin

Hands on vice, Fingers caress reprieve
What we could have known
What we could have learned
And the secrets were so childish
Track Name: Planet X

Avarice tricks the tide - demons bane
Desiccate wind burn winter lips - defend the claim
Prevaricate mercurial words - as and is all the same
Poets versus politicians - with their power words

Play the game, play the game

Hope divides while watchers wait- The seeds have spoiled
The cadence of love traded for fear- Sing down radiant kings

Your time is near, the time is near

Immolate the immutable -and obstinate
Awaken ephemeral race – coalesce, shine, defend

The time is near